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作者:Margaret Read MacDonald
插畫:Eugenia Nobati
出版社:Albert Whitman & Company
One day, Animals and Birds are having a ball game. Animals come first. Bear, Dear and Kangaroo join the Animals team, exercising and stretching out all over the field. As for Birds team, Sparrow, Robin and Big Birds – Eagle and Ostrich come too. Animals and birds are both exciting to start the game. Here comes Bat. He wants to play on the winning team. Therefore, he joins the Animals team, having full confidence in Animals. But… things just not go as what Bat thought. In the middle of the game, Birds are winning, 2 to 1! Now, Bat wants to join the Birds team. He persuades Birds that because he has wings, he is a Bird! Which team will win the ball game? Will Bat being on the winning side as he wants?