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作者:Helena Kraljič
插畫:Adriano Janežič
出版社:Morfem založništvo d.o.o
In the forest lived some very mean and dreadful dinosaurs. The Ceratosaurus had big teeth, which frightened everything that lived under water. The Deinonychus can tear at his preys’ skin with the horrendous claws on his hind feet. The Allosaurus had sharp, sabre-like teeth that was feared by everyone. Even more dreadful and horribly scary was the Tyrannosaurus. No one dared cross the Tyrannosaurus. They all rushed, raged and stomped and met at the edge of the forest. One monstrous dinosaur was scaring enough. Now there were four. Those plant-eating dinosaurs dared not to breathe. But soon, they had an idea, an b